Neo4J & Kafka Support

I wasn’t sure where to add this, so using this topic. I love Qovery. I have been in the tech industry for more than 15 years and devops has always been a pain. For a startup in starting and growing phase, it makes more sense to use a service like Qovery and focus on simply app building. This is very close to what an Engg leader would look forward to have in the “must haves” toolkit. Great work team.

I would also love to see support for more of “Databases” and “Distributed Processing” tools here - for ex: Hosted Neo4J, Hosted Kafka, Hosted Spark etc. I think these tools will enable more adoption and cover bigger base of a mid size/growth company as well.


This is something we can consider. Our priorities are based on the number of demands, so feel free to add and vote for things you would like to see in Qovery here:


Hi @r4881t , note that you can already use Neo4J and Kafka with Qovery via VPC Peering or by installing them on your cluster manually. Some of our users are already using Neo4J and Kafka with Qovery.

I invite you to take a look at this post since it’s very similar.

From what I see:

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