Qovery managed Mongo DB instance does not have a V4.4

Hello everyone,

So, we have been running mongo V4.4 for our development env on Qovery and it runs smoothly, and now that we are planning on moving to production, i discovered managed mongo instance on qovery only has V4.0(i do not know if it’s something i have to add), and apparently running a V4 instance gives this error, pymongo.errors.OperationFailure: There is an issue with Decimal128., which i suspect might be the mongo version issue, since it runs smoothly on V4.4.
Is there anyway to fix this, maybe a way to add V4.4 to the managed instance? Thanks!

Hi @Prometheo ,

Managed MongoDB on AWS is DocumentDB which is not really MongoDB but MongoDB v4 wire protocol compatible. Please read the AWS DocumentDB documentation to check out the limitations..

I highly recommend MongoDB Atlas with AWS VPC peering for your production environment. You can take a look at this thread.

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Hi @rophilogene thanks for this suggestion, appears i might need a bit of guide here please,
so i already set up my Mongo atlas peered to our Aws, The question for me now is how do i actually set that up with Qovery, is it supposed to track it automatically( i am using a managed database)? most of the Env variables related to database are not editable, so I can’t really swap them out.
Can you point me to a proper guide to do this, please?

You can look at the thread above it should be good enough. I will also create a complete guide for MongoDB Atlas and Qovery. I don’t have ETA yet, but I can do it easily. Or maybe @itajenglish @dugwa can help in writing a guide? :slight_smile:


@rophilogene - i can certainly do