How to use a managed RabbitMQ with Qovery - Amazon MQ or Cloud AMQP

Any update on deploying container and managed RabbitMQ in Qovery? - Managed RabbitMQ |

We plan to support Helm chart deployment at some point (No ETA yet). But it’s something that could happen in the coming weeks. We need to see the amount of work required before.

There is a RabbitMQ Helm Chart that makes RabbitMQ installation on Kubernetes quite easy.

But did you consider using Cloud AMQP with VPC Peering for RabbitMQ? It’s even better than managing it on your own for production purposes.

We have AWS credits and want to take advantage of that. Seems like Amazon MQ might be the best solution. Can you maybe provide guidance on how to add it to Cluster VPC?

It’s a classic VPC peering inter connection between your EKS managed by Qovery and Amazon MQ. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Create your Amazon MQ instance
  2. Create a dedicated VPC and Security Group + Subnet for your Amazon MQ instance
  3. Follow our guide to create a VPC peering connection between your Qovery EKS and your Amazon MQ instance.

It must be all good :slightly_smiling_face:

Let me know if it works or not :+1:

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