Migration from Scaleway Kapsule to Qovery


We have currently ~110 microservices (55 on canary, 55 on production) handled by Scaleway Kapsule.

Every API has one DB (it can be mongo, mysql or postgres). Otherwise it’s mainly apps.

Our team size greatly reduced (from 6 to 2) therefore we have no time to make sure everything is working 100% devops side.

Can someone from devrel/commercial could discuss with us next week to see how we can migrate all our microservices to Qovery (and stay with Scaleway for cloud instances), what’s the cost, time etc.

It would be even better if this person is speaking french as it’s quite technical and I don’t want to miss some points because of language.

Best regards,
David Roulier

Hi @davidr , I contact you in DM

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