[IMPORTANT] Kubernetes Upgrade - moving to 1.22


As shared in our roadmap, we have been preparing all the necessary updates to migrate your cluster to the 1.22 version.

We wanted to give you more visibility on the plan we had in mind to migrate all the clusters, including ours :slight_smile:


  1. Week 28/11/2022:
    – migrate the Qovery production clusters. No downtime is expected by this operation.
    – make the 1.22 the default version for any new cluster

  2. Week 05/12/2022:
    – Migrate any cluster flagged as non-production in the qovery console.

    This will give you the opportunity to verify that everything works as expected on your services with the new Kubernetes version (see the section below β€œDoes the upgrade have any impact on my services?”). You can run your tests on your non-production cluster or create a new one (it will be automatically on the 1.22 version).

  3. Week 12/12/2022:
    – Migrate all the other clusters. We suppose that you are ok with this upgrade. If there is any specific reason we should delay the upgrade of your cluster, please fill this form

We will keep updating this post and our status page with all the information about the upgrades.

For any questions, please comment directly within this thread!



Why do we need to upgrade your cluster

Each cloud provider has a limited number of supported Kubernetes versions and Qovery manages for you the upgrades!

More info on the supported Kubernetes versions by cloud provider:

Does the upgrade have any impact on my services?

  1. Services deployed via Qovery

Kubernetes manage the upgrades by automatically creating new nodes in the 1.22, migrating the pods on the new node and shutting down the 1.21 nodes. The upgrade might cause a very small downtime for your applications, if you want to avoid the downtime you should:

  • set at least 2 instances for your applications (within the application settings) so that at least 1 instance will be available to receive traffic.
  • set the correct liveness/readiness probes (using the advanced settings) so that the newly created instances of your service will receive traffic only when ready

Please note that, even outside this migration period, we strongly advice you to apply the points above to ensure no service disruption during the deployment of your applications.

  1. Services deployed by yourself (via an helm chart)

For any service you have installed by yourself, please make sure that they are compatible with Kubernetes 1.22. You can test them by either creating a new cluster in the 1.22 version (when it will be the default one) or test it on your non-production cluster when it will be upgraded.

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Hi !

Upgrades started this morning, most clusters flagged as dev / stagging has been migrated to kubernetes 1.22.
If you have a dev / stagging cluster which has not been upgraded yep, please let us know we will proceed.


Hi !
Migration to clusters flagged as DEV / STAG continued this morning.
Should be finished tomorrow morning.
Productions clusters to be started on Wednesday morning.


Hello !

Production clusters upgrade to 1.22 is ongoing, we will update all clusters this morning.

Please reach to us if there is anything wrong with your cluster.


All clusters have been migrated yesterday to the version 1.22 . Let us know if you encounter any problem

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