[IMPORTANT] Scaleway clusters migration


Following an update in the way Scaleway manage clusters and their VPC (more details below), we require to migrate you Scaleway cluster. You can find the planning in the dedicated section below.

As usual, we will update first every non-production cluster to give you the chance to verify that everything works fine for your application before upgrading your production cluster. Make sure those are appropriately tagged as such.


:warning: Please note that the migration will cause a downtime of your services which should lapse between 1 and 20 minutes.

:warning: If there is any specific reason we should delay the upgrade of your cluster, please contact us.

We will keep updating this post and our status page with all the information about the upgrades.

For any questions, please comment directly within this thread!



Update Swaleway cluster

  1. Week 2023/12/18:
  • Update all the non-production Scaleway clusters
  1. Week 2024/01/08:
  • Update all the other Scaleway clusters


Why do we need to upgrade your cluster?

Public-only endpoints are deprecated and will reach end of Support in Q1/2024.
Scaleway recommend to migrate all existing clusters to a Private Network.

If you need more information about the Scaleway cluster migration, click here Securing a cluster with a Private Network

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