Managed database locked on deployment state


I had to update managed database storage size due to storage size limit. So I updated it from Qovery Console.

And since 30 minutes the deployment is in progress. I don’t understand why it’s stuck because I can see the update planed for the next maintenance window. It’s also impossible to cancel deployment. Can you check that everything it’s fine ?

Cluster ID: 322ac05d-4b2d-4a45-8a68-8b71eca10007
Organization ID: a2ed680d-ffdf-44a2-905f-24fc2a58a97d
Project ID: 2bd11cdb-6c9d-46a4-9a69-23649b3f2db7
Environment ID: a62a7419-77c5-49fd-a7ec-7d3580a64585
Service ID: 8a9611ec-5f41-4dce-909b-eda2c8880ee8

An idea of option for cloud provider managed ressources, it would be great to be allowed to not wait next maintenance window to apply update because sometime we have to do it now and it’s not possible. In this case I have to update from cloud provider and it can lead to inconsistant informations between qovery and the real state of cloud provider informations.