How to protect environments from accidental deletion

What is the best way to protect environments from accidental deletion? In comparison, AWS EC2’s have termination protection flag. Is there such a flag in Qovery?
It will be a disaster if someone accidentally deleted the production environment.

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Hi @markvantage ,

Thank you for this question. I gathered some info from the team to ensure I didn’t miss anything and to complete as much as possible my response.

What we provide today

Here are the following elements that Qovery put in place to prevent accidental production deletion:

  1. Ensure your environment is set with the mode to Production.

This will make Qovery ask for confirmation if you delete or even stop the environment.

  1. Set appropriate permissions for your users. It’s obvious, but just give production permissions to only the required users.

What we will provide in the near future

We run Qovery for almost 4 years, and we have never experienced accidental production deletion. However, it can happen, and if yes, it’s disastrous. That’s why we want to go further than what we proposed above.

Here are a few options that we consider:

  • Deletion confirmation by email: the idea would be to send an email to the owner of the organization and wait for their approval before deletion. There are some pros and cons, but at least it makes sure that the deletion is on purpose.
  • Add a flag inside the environment settings to set “Prevent accidental deletion” and request for disabling this flag before proceeding to the env deletion

We were also thinking about SMS confirmation, but it’s a bit too much at this stage. At the moment, we are more interested in the second point that could be implemented in just a few days. Do you have any other recommendations? What do you think of that?

Hi @rophilogene,

All of these options are great. I think option 2 makes more sense. I would put it at the top of the list.

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Thank you @markvantage - stay close to our future product changelog :slight_smile: I’ll let you know when we’ll release something for this :slight_smile: