How to deploy for free with Qovery v2 without any AWS, DigitalOcean & etc accounts

I’m having a problem deploying a cluster with my account free plan because I don’t have any AWS, DigitalOcean & etc accounts. I need help with this.

Hello Trac3D1y,Qovery v2 has community plan,which offers you $45 credits at start to get started with qovery,after the credits run out you may contribute back to community to get credits added to your organization.for more details,you may join qovery discord community.


This solves my problem. Thank you so much @Jambang !

I’m not so sure if that really works, a friend of mine recently joined qovery and tried hosting his app here, seems like his didnt get the 45 credits youre speaking of, im having a similar issue.

I’m afraid we don’t have the same problem, my problem was I didn’t know there is a “Community” plan with free $45 credits that can be used to make environments and host and your problem is your friend didn’t get a free $45 credits, It must be a bug or your friend must’ve picked the wrong plan.

Did he join the Community plan? If he did, but didn’t get his credits, he can apply to get them here