How Qovery billing works on the v2

:warning: Our pricing has evolved since we published this post!

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As we are about to launch the Beta of Qovery v2, we have published an article that explains how the billing will work on this new version, and how the “Community” plan will become a “Free plan”. You can check it out here, and don’t hesitate to ask your questions or give us your feedback about this topic directly in this conversation.
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What are going to be the key benefits of using Qovery instead of something like Heroku (free dynos with 512 MB, and so on) for hobbyists?

Here is a comparison of Qovery vs. Heroku. In a nutshell:

  1. Qovery Free plan is really free as much as you give back to the community. There is no catch here.
  2. With Qovery, your free applications will run and will never stop — this is not the case with Heroku.
  3. We offer up to 512MB of RAM and 1CPU for your app AND your databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Redis). There is no catch here as well. We are not trying to limit you to push you to upgrade. Heroku free PostgreSQL and Redis are quite restrictive and forced you to upgrade as soon as you use your app for real. You can read more concerning the Heroku free plan here.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


So basically they will be “free” as long as I gain credits by giving back to the community, right? Sorry, I really like Qovery and I’m not against this pricing changes, Qovery needs to be profitable and I find the prices reasonable, but I thing that using the word “free” when you are giving a limited amount of credits is a little bit misleading

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I understand your point. Does the “Community” plan sound better to you?

What price do you find reasonable? Just to make it clear, there is no way to pay with money for free credits.

From the FAQ in How Qovery billing works :point_down:

Can I refill my credits for my Free plan with my credit card?

No, you can’t refill your free account with your credit card - Qovery IS NOT a hosting platform and will never be. We offer free hosting because it is our way to give back to our developers' community. But we want to encourage them to give back in return by helping each other and sharing their love of Qovery. See the “Free plan and free credits” section above.


I think the “Community” plan sound better for it since you use credit & give feedback for the community :wink:

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It seems that everyone prefer the “community”. Cc @bguyot @Pierre_Mavro @Enzo

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I updated the post - we will keep “Community” plan instead of “Free” plan - thank you @Stun3R @sgaseretto

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Here is an interesting conversation on Twitter concerning the Community plan

Then how to get credits

This article should get you up to speed: Qovery Blog: How Qovery Community plan works
Rewards | Docs | Qovery

Where should i go to get my promo code

Welcome to the forum!

Referral codes are not yet out. They will be in the next few months.

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Ok thanks i will wait

Do you get the answer, from where we get credit

@sagarseth442 here is a detailed document on Qovery Blog.

for community account,
if my credits is empty it wont reset on next month, like her*ku?

No it won’t. In order to acquire credits, you must give back to the community. Here is the related doc: Rewards | Docs | Qovery

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you still have any questions!