About the free plan

I was using Heroku and decided to switch to Qovery for the simple reason that Heroku always shuts down the server when no request is made to it, in addition to its expensive prices.

Well now I need to know a few things about Qovery.

First, I have noticed that the use of RAM goes up too much when I just make a request to the server, I don’t know if this is normal, what would happen if more than 500 requests are made, would the server throw me an error? and would have to buy a plan.

I need to know the limitations of your service, which for now has satisfied me

RAM is limited to 512 MB per application. Not sure why your RAM shouts up when you make a request. It’s probably on the code side of things. @rophilogene can you provide some insight on this?

Hello @Husdady_Mena,

Regarding the limitation for the community plan, you are limited to a maximum of 1 CPU and 512Mb of RAM per application. You can adjust the limits in your application settings.

Regarding what happens if you are requesting too many resources:

  • For CPU, the application will just go slower (you will get more latencies)
  • For memory, if you request too much beyond your quota, the application is going to be killed and restart after that

For this point:
I have noticed that the use of RAM goes up too much, well this is internal to your application, the RAM we display is only the RAM used by your app, nothing more.
So if you think it takes too much, maybe this is normal, maybe there is a memory leak in your app. In any case you will need to investigate/profile your app to understand why

When you say that the application will close and restart, does it mean that I will no longer be able to access my app? Or is it only temporary until you purchase a plan?

Yes, your application will be stopped, so not reachable/accessible.
You will either need to upgrade your plan or gain free credits by doing some publications Qovery Blog: How Qovery billing works

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