How to apply deployment restriction to preview environments?

We have an application inside a monorepo that has a deployment restriction on a path. We enabled preview environments for the app and they are now built even for PRs that do not touch the app. Can we apply deployment restrictions to preview environments?

Hey @prki

Actually, it’s not something possible for the time being.
Is that something blocking on your side?

Thanks !

It is very annoying (and wasteful): every PR in our monorepo gets a preview environment + two messages on a PR from Qovery about a totally unrelated component.

Can you comment if it’s something you are gonna fix/add? Any ETA?

Hey @prki,

That’s something we want to work on for sure. As for ETA, it’s planned for next sprint, not yet fully sized, but it should land very soon :slight_smile:

Sounds great, looking forward to it!