Only build/deploy when certain directories change


We’re working with a monorepo that has a number of applications [one directory per app plus a few shared], and each app has a corresponding environment + services on Qovery.

Currently, any push to main (prod) triggers a build and deploy for ALL services. Ideally I would like to be able to specify paths on the qovery application as we do in Github Actions (Workflow syntax for GitHub Actions - GitHub Docs), so that it will trigger on changes only to the relevant files.

When preview environments (:heart:) are enabled, this also creates a lot of unnecessary preview environments.

Would love suggestions on how to set this up better.


Hi @liorsbg , thanks for asking this - it’s an excellent question, and actually, we have a feature that makes deployment restrictions based on the repository directory change available.

Please take a look at this thread

Unfortunately, the feature is unavailable via the web console (only the API now). Still, we are working to provide it as soon as possible (we plan to do some refactorization on our web console to include this feature).

Thank you

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