Auto deploy wit monorepo

We are using a monorepo that contains our backend and frontend. If I fill in the root application path in the github repository section, is Qovery smart enough to not deploy anything if there is no changes made inside this path or no matter what’s inside the commit, it’s going to launch a new deployment?

Hi @auree , what you are looking at is our deployment restrictions feature.

Let me know if that’s what you are looking for.

Hello, I am working with a typescript monorepo (NX) and Qovery.

I build all my images in Github Actions using the affected command, so it re-builds only the packages that changed since the last build. Then I call Qovery on the deployment endpoint to deploy my applications with a new tag.

I wish I could use the auto-deploy endpoint for that, but this is painful because I can specify only one image. If I have multiple updated images, each call triggers a deployment and I need to wait for each deployment… basically this endpoint is not convenient in a monorepo setup and it would be more convenient if we could update several images at once.