How can I set up monitoring with Prometheus and access Grafana?

I read in the documentation that Qovery installs Grafana on our infrastructure. Can we get access to it? How can we configure Prometheus metrics endpoints for apps and visualise that data in Grafana?

@rophilogene @Morgan_Perry do you have anything like this in the pipeline?

Hi @prki ,

At the moment Grafana is used for Qovery internal usage, for debugging purposes when an issue occurs.
To get quick monitoring, we advise adding Datadog: Kubernetes observability and monitoring with Datadog | Qovery

The observability part managed by Qovery, will be completely revamped in the coming months with the next WebUI (v3). If you have clear ideas about what you would like, please add them to the roadmap, we’ll take them into consideration during the revamp.


I submitted this idea to the roadmap here. Anyone else looking for this feature please upvote.


Analyzing logs is becoming an issue for us. Native Qovery log filtering capabilities are very poor, but I don’t like the idea of installing Datadog manually. It would be an easier decision if it was managed by Qovery as an addon. If we install Grafana as an app on our Qovery cluster, would we be able to hook it up to Loki that’s already running in the cluster?

@prki would you be interested to install Datadog via the web interface?

Yes, I would feel more confident installing it if it was offered in the web interface. I would know that the version and configuration were tested and approved by Qovery. We want to avoid manual changes in the cluster, so there are no unexpected conflicts with the operations done by Qovery.

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We totally understand and will work on this. We also have the same vision :slight_smile:

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I see this feature on your roadmap, but it doesn’t have any ETA set for it. I guess that means we should not expect this coming soon?

I can see with the team what ETA we can give.

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Any update regarding the ETA? I see it’s highly requested on the roadmap but ETA is not assigned there either.

Any news regarding Datadog install via Qovery? I don’t like the manual install but if it’s going to take a long time to add this feature we should just go that path.