Connection to Qovery Application Logs in S3 directly from my Mac running Grafana Docker Container

Hello Pierre, @Qovery_Team
I setup a Grafana docker instance on my local laptop, I am trying to configure it to point to the S3 bucket for our apps so our tech team can access the logs without needing to connect to KubeCtl to access the Grafana dashboard. This is outside the scope of the Qovery control plane, but I wanted to ask if you are able to share how Qovery setup Grafana so I can do the same setup locally here.

Hi @sama213 ,

Unfortunately, it will be very complicated for two reasons:

  1. S3 bucket is in private mode; setting it public could be problematic for security reasons, so we don’t offer this possibility to protect our customers
  2. You can’t access logs this way. They are not readable without a Loki instance as they are in a binary format. So you need Grafana + loki + access to the S3 storage + the config of loki containing the topology and algorithms used to store data and metadata.

However, it’s not entirely outside Qovery scope, and I’d like to propose something. Let me know if it could suit your needs. I can create a documentation on how to deploy a grafana on your cluster, with a public access (protected with grafana credentials), and configuration to point to your loki. So you’ll get a grafana with authentication. Would this be ok for you?


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Hello @Pierre_Mavro ,
That would be very helpful. Please kindly share documentation and we will set this up for sure.

Adding in my todo, I should be able to give you something next week or the week after at max. Is it ok for you?

yes please. That is very okay with us!!! thank you @Pierre_Mavro!!!

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Hi @sama213

I’ve finished the tutorials; feel free to take a look at them and let me know if it suits your needs.