Could Someone Provide Guidance on How to Grow Dockerized Applications with Qovery?

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I have started looking into qovery as a solution for installing and controlling dockerized applications; and I want to get some guidance from those who have worked with the platform.

My company has been using docker for containerizing my software applications for some time now; but expanding it effectively and safely over different settings has proven challenging. I found qovery, which appears interesting for automated installation processes and controlling structures. But I want to know more about this.

  • How does qovery grow docker storage? What are the best methods for expanding applications vertically as need increases?

  • I notice qovery has connections with gitlab github, and bitbucket. Can someone share their knowledge about using these tools to set up CI and CD pipelines?

  • What are the best protections to take while deploying applications using qovery? How does qovery handle container separation and connection security?

  • What kind of active is the qovery community in generating support? Are there any other community sites you suggest for learning and solving this?

  • What tools does Qovery provide to monitor container performance and logging? Are there any third party solutions?

And also I have gone through some post relevant to this keyword But did not get the satisfying information. I am happy to learn about Qovery’s opportunity for improving my Docker installation process; but I want to make sure of its features and guidelines before making a complete effort.

I would like to greatly appreciate any kind of information and personal experiences you will share. That will be very helpful for me.

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Hi @hnnery, thanks for all your questions, and sorry for the delay. @ce_gagnaire will respond to all of them ASAP :slight_smile:

Hello Hnnery,

I appreciate your interest in Qovery,

I’ll do my best to answer all your questions.

  1. How can I expand applications vertically?

If you need to expand your application vertically, it is possible to use the Qovery console.
You can modify your deployment and change the resources configuration (cf. screenshot)

  1. How can I use SCM tools (Github, Gitlab) with Qovery? How can I set up a CI/CD using these tools?

If you want to use a SCM with Qovery, you can refer to our documentation: Git Repositories Integration.

If you want to setup CI/CD pipelines and integrate them with Qovery, here are some useful links:

  1. How does Qovery handle container separation and security?

We leverage Kubernetes to do this:

If you need more security information, you can check our documentation: Security and Compliance.

  1. Qovery Support

We have multiple Support Plans available:

  • Community Support: This is our free plan, you can ask your questions in the Forum and our team will answer them as soon as possible
  • If you need more support we also have Business and Enterprise Plans available. They give you access to our Support Team and guarantee we will answer your questions much faster.
  1. Logging and Monitoring tools:

In the Qovery Console, you can find your logs:

You also have your real-time application resource consumption:

If you need more metrics and monitoring, we recommend you to use a third-party application like New Relic or Datadog.
We have an example in our documentation on Observability and Monitoring with Datadog.

If you need more information on future features, our roadmap is public: Roadmap.

I hope my answers will be helpful in your docker journey.


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