Deployment of already built docker images

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  • OS: debian
  • databases: n/a
  • Programming language and version: TS4+

Hi guys !
I was wondering if its possible to trigger a Qovery deployment through the api and tell Qovery to deploy an existing built docker image that is on my ECS ?

My use case is:

I’m going to build my CI pipelines (with that is building my application docker image with my gitlab runner, upload the docker image built into my AWS ECS, then pass spec, integration and e2e backend test on it.

Once those stages are done and only if they succeed, I would like to notify somehow my Qovery project so it deploy my app (with the already built docker image if possible, to avoid rebuilding it on Qovery side)

I couldn’t find clear way to do that in the api documentation ( or content that would help me go toward that. Maybe I should use the qovery cli in my pipelines to do that ?

Thank you for you guidance :pray:

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you can use your image repository thru our API to deploy containers: Qovery API

To complete Enzo’s answer, you can find all the info here [Beta] Deploy Containers (≠ Application) (still in beta!)

Hi guys,

Thank you for your answers, I missed that post from Romaric, it seem to give exactly the insights I was looking for !
I’m going to look into that in depth, really cool to have this kind of feature though, thank you for those awesome features Qovery team :pray:

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