How can I enable "Static IP" on a production cluster?

Hello there,

We need a static IP address to use an external service. We didn’t enable that feature on cluster creation and we can’t update it from the console.

Is there a way to enable it on your side?

What’s the alternative solution (cloning our production cluster then our production environment is not a suitable option :confused: )

The concerned cluster is: Qovery

Thanks a lot for your help

Hello @jmeiss,

Sadly, there is no other solution than creating a new cluster with static IP and cloning your workload to this new cluster.

Static IP is not a setting that we can modify after the network of the cluster is created.

Hey Romain,

Thanks for your reply.

In that case, is there a way for you to move an environment from one cluster to another one?
Any suggestion on how to avoid downtime while migrating from one cluster to another one?

You can use the clone environment feature, you can select the destination target cluster. Which in your case will be the one with static IP.

After that, you will need to replicate the data on this new environment if you have any in non managed service.
And to promote the new environment as the prod one, switch the DNS to this new one. This step may cause a few minutes of downtime/split for users.
But I don’t have any better solution on my end.

Hope it helps.

That’s not ideal because of the (short) downtime but if it’s the only solution :confused:

Thanks for your help.