How to find my applications external IPs

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I need to whitelist my application IPs from third party services for them to allow api calls from my backend app. I am unabled to retrieve these ip addresses, both on production (static ip) and on dev (no static ip)

It’s related to this issue For my production cluster, the 3 Elastic IP addresses on my aws console do not work.

Did you set static IPs for your cluster?

Hi @rophilogene, Yes we did it for the production cluster

Sorry if the question looks stupid, can you confirm the IP you’re looking for are the ones in “Allocated IPv4 address”?

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Looking at your account, I can see your Allocated IPv4 Elastic IP addresses:

$ aws ec2 describe-addresses | jq -r '.Addresses[].PublicIp'

Connecting to two of your containers, and looking at the outgoing IP address, I clearly those listed above:

$ dig +short txt ch whoami.cloudflare @
$ dig +short txt ch whoami.cloudflare @

This works on your production cluster because you’ve configured “Static IP” as @rophilogene mentionned. However it’s not set on your dev cluster, so it’s not possible to whitelist IPs.

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Thanks its very clear, the issue i am experiencing should be related to something else then. I’ll keep this thread updated.

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