How to find Static IP's location in Qovery console?

I lost the Static IP addresses for the load balancer. Is there a way to find it in the Qovery Console?

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Hi @itajenglish :wave: @Pierre_Mavro can you help here? :slight_smile: I will update the user documentation

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Hi @itajenglish ,

To find your static IP addresses, you can on your AWS account, select the VPC service. Finally, on the left menu, you’ll find Elastic IP addresses. Once on it, in the Allocated IPv4 address column, you’ll have your public IPs.

Note: we plan to make those IP addresses accessible directly from the Qovery v3 web console.



Hi @Pierre_Mavro

I followed your instructions but I cannot find the IPv4 addresses, the list is empty (see below)

Still, I find my VPCs for the region I use in the dedicated tab :

I need those IPs for connecting to an SFTP server from a client.

Hi @polive106 ,

Is your cluster been installed with “Static IP” activated?

To check, go in the Settings, Clusters, Settings of your cluster, Features, then Static IP.

Important note: this can only be activated during cluster creation

Thanks for your answer.

The cluster has not been installed with Static IP activated.

Do I need to migrate all my production apps in a cluster with Static IP activated ?

Unfortunately yes. AWS doesn’t permit making such changes when it’s been deployed without breaking everything. This is why the checkbox is grey.

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Workaround a bit out of topic

@polive106 one other option would be to set up an external gateway with a static IP on a second VPC and do VPC peering with your current cluster. I think it’s possible to route external traffics through this gateway but not easy. The easiest and most straightforward is definitely the answer of Pierre :point_down:

Hi @Pierre_Mavro and @rophilogene

Thanks for your answers, I created a new cluster with the Static IP option activated !

Now, my partner (an HR solution provider) wants me to provide only one IP address to connect t their server, is there any way that is possible ? I have three addresses in my elastic IP addresses.

Hi @polive106 ,

As there are 3 zones in AWS regions for high availability purposes, we set one IP per zone. It’s unfortunately not possible to have only 1 IP in this situation without being impacted (random access to your provider depending on where your app will be located).

Qovery is designed by default for production workload, we have to be reliable on every part as maximum. It’s not the first time a customer ask for it, previously for banking and trading (same restriction), and it was ok after discussion with their providers. To be honest, it’s common to rely on multiple IPs nowadays.

Hope your HR provider will be comprehensive and allow your 3 IPs.


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