Enable Static IP Address in Cluster Terraform

Hello @Pierre_Mavro @rophilogene
Is the option to select Static IP addresses available in Terraform? I deployed our cluster using terraform, but found that I could not change static ip setting after creation, did not find the option to support static IP in terraform for qovery cluster.

Any hints?

Virtual IP addresses are used for high availability (HA) as they make active/standby ECS switchover possible. If the active ECS becomes faulty and cannot provide services, the virtual IP address is dynamically re-assigned to the standby ECS so services can continue uninterrupte

Hi @sama213,

The Static IP option in not available in Terraform yet, however we can add this pretty quickly.
I’ll make sure to add this option in the following days and come back to you when it’s done to let you know.

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Hi @kevinjames ,

Qovery doesn’t use ECS at all. Your comment is unfortunately out of context here.
What @sama213 is referring to is FAQ | Docs | Qovery

Thanks anyway to try answering :slight_smile:

Hey @bilel @Pierre_Mavro , is there a way to view static IPs assigned to cluster in Qovery (via web Console or Qovery CLI)? Where can I view those in AWS if not available within Qovery?

Hi, unfortunately not yet. The simplest way actually is to look directly in the AWS console

Hi @sama213,

The new version of our terraform provider v0.11.0 now allows the use of the Static IP feature for clusters.
Let me know if it worked for you or if you have any questions about it.

Have a great day !

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