Helm Chart ::: Twingate


I’ve tried to install a Twingate Connector Helm Chart with no luck. I’ve tried many variations with no luck.

These are their instructions:

Help would be appreciated to get this working

Hey @moisesrodriguez

Do you mind giving more details?
What error is it triggering if any?
Can you share your app Qovery console URL so we can have a closer look?


Hi @bchastanier,

Sure I think it’s mainly my ignorance since I have not used helm chart before, it’s new to me. I believe I’m doing helm arguments incorrectly. This is what I’m doing:

Hi @bchastanier ,

I got it to work! I changed the helm arguments to this:

Which is a little confusing to me how it worked, since I did not specify the connector name twingate-delightful-anteater that I needed to connect to and was part of what was throwing me off. But it worked which is the important thing.

Note: Something I noticed is that it’s marked as Stopped even though it is running

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