GKE autopilot detetion issue


I have a deletion issue with my Cluster on GKE autopilot
Can anyone help me fix this problem?

Hello @Simon_Pera,

Do you mind sharing your Qovery console link for this cluster please?


@bchastanier Yes, sure : ae440b82-1fc7-41a0-9f54-e61fdd16c044

Thanks !

It seems object storage bucket deletion is pretty long.
Can you confirm qovery-logs-zae440b82 bucket is still here? If so, can you delete it via google console UI?

Your cluster is properly deleted, the process was stuck on deleting cluster logs buckets.
Let me know if you need any further assistance.


I remove the Qovery’s log on Google console and re-trigger the deleted for this cluster, and it’s now properly deleted :+1:
Thanks for your assistance @bchastanier

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Perfect :ok_hand: !
For the record, there is an open issue on GCP tracker to have a proper way of speeding up bucket deletion => Google Issue Tracker

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