Error 403 on trying to delete cluster

While trying to delete the cluster from qovery, getting the error 403. I had only created the cluster, but it doesn’t seem to be deletable.

Hi @Aditya_Giri , can you try again?


I have the same problem. I can’t stop the cluster in order to delete it.


Hi @jeanle-cosmo @Aditya_Giri , I’ve reported this issue to our engineering team. They will take a look and try to provide a fix (if needed) asap

Hi @Aditya_Giri @jeanle-cosmo,

This is due to the fact that you still have an environment using this cluster.
Even if the environment is not deployed you can’t delete the cluster.

I agree that the error is not clear enough and we will make some changes to the error message to clarify why it is sent.

In the mean time. I invite you to delete all of your environments before deleting the cluster.

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Hi Bilel,

Thank you for your feedback.

However, I deleted everything. I’m enclosing a screenshot.


@jeanle-cosmo I thought you had the same issue as @Aditya_Giri so I didn’t check your cluster. Your issue is actually different because your cluster was in a “Pause Error” state while this topic is about a 403 response when trying to delete the cluster.

I’ll take a deeper look at your specific case then.

Do you wish to stop it or delete it ?

@bilel I would like to delete it please.

Thank you,

@bilel Thanks that worked.

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