Error when deleting a cluster

I’m trying to delete 2 clusters:

Both fail with an error.

The managed one throws this error:

DeleteError - Unknown error while performing Terraform command (`terraform destroy -lock=false -no-color -auto-approve`), here is the error:

Error: deleting Security Group (sg-0eeb5a14390c8326e): DependencyViolation: resource sg-0eeb5a14390c8326e has a dependent object
	status code: 400, request id: e5a786a3-3525-4626-840f-40bdecd3c18c

Error: error deleting ElastiCache Subnet Group (elasticache-vpc-0669594d0ab93c67e): CacheSubnetGroupInUse: Cache subnet group elasticache-vpc-0669594d0ab93c67e is currently in use by a cache cluster.
	status code: 400, request id: df06ae45-df74-4138-af6c-fc9599b6b24b

While the K3S fails with this error:

DeleteError - Kubernetes API cannot be reached.

Could you give me a hand deleting these clusters?

Hello @donald-inostroza ,

For the issue on your managed cluster, this usually happens when resources outside of Qovery are attached to the vpc. Out of curiosity, did you create some service manually through the AWS console ?

Concerning the K3S, the kubeconfig on Qovery side doesn’t allow us to connect to the cluster. Did you do any manual operation on the ec2 instance ?

I’m taking a deeper look in the meantime,

Thank you,

Thank you @Melvin_Zottola for your reply. I just did a review on the services running under the VPC related to the cluster I’m deleting and I found an elasticache instance. I deleted it and I was able to delete the cluster.

Regarding the K3S I haven’t done any change on that instance. It is still running.

Hello @donald-inostroza,

I manually clean all resources related to the K3s cluster, you should not have any remaining resources left.

I am going to delete your K3S from your Qovery console.

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@Melvin_Zottola Thank you for your help on this.

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