Cannot delete EKS cluster

Hi team!

I am trying to delete my EKS cluster but I keep getting

Transmitter: production cluster - Error, resource EC2 VPC vpc-0f8731eb034fa49a8 has dependency violation. Error: deleting EC2 VPC (vpc-0f8731eb034fa49a8): DependencyViolation: The vpc ‘vpc-0f8731eb034fa49a8’ has dependencies and cannot be deleted. status code: 400, request id: 5dde7ec7-7ae0-4bff-a556-12fbe03499d4


What should I do ?

Hello @CBaptiste,

This happens when some resources have been created outside of Qovery.
Can you check on your AWS console to look for resources that may remain on the vpc ?

(looking also in the meantime)

Thank you! I managed to delete everything.

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