Cant delete a cluster

I am trying to delete one additional cluster, but I cant. I have a tag that says it is “updating…” but its been ages with this message and I cant do anything else.
I dont want to remove manually on AWS.
Help me with that please. BTW, the cluster is ‘nodejs-prod’

Hi @vmc , sure I’m looking. By the way, if you want to have a look at the status of the deletion, you can take a look at logs:

It looks like something has been wrong on our side. I reset the cluster status and then re-run the deletion process. Deletion is ongoing; I’m keeping an eye on it. It should be done in the coming minutes.

still deleting … can you check if everything is ok?

It has finished deleting the cluster. But in the last phase, to delete the VPC, it looks like something is still present. Did you create things connected to that VPC manually on your AWS account?

DeleteError - Error, resource VPC `vpc-04ff71097b086d378` has dependency violation.

AWS refuses to delete the VPC because of last elements are still present (and normally not created by Qovery). You can try to delete the VPC manually from the web interface, it should tell you what is still present, denying you to delete it.

I am checking it.
I will let you know within a few hours.