Cannot delete cluster

Hi team!

I have an unused cluster I try to delete but I get an error:

Can anyone assist ? Thank you

Hey @CBaptiste !

Indeed, we cannot delete your cluster because it’s linked to a resource not managed by Terraform.
The VPC listed seems to be used by an elasticache.
Can you delete / remove linkage between your cluster and this elasticache in the AWS console?

You can have a look into those threads with users facing the same issue:

Let me know if it helps.


Thank you @bchastanier, little issue:

I followed the guide Romain shared: this one

I listed all ressources on the resource page linked to cluster: f5f39aa3-27b6-400f-a646-72ef2f5bea4a

And I try to delete the VPC from the list:

But I get this error:

This ressources are not listed by the ressource manager. Should I delete them ? Those are Network interfaces, not sure what is this impact of deleting those

Also I have 2 clusters - I hope I won’t be impacting my production one :slight_smile:

Update: I cannot detach the network interfaces

Just to be sure, can you list resources linked to those ENI (doing the Resource Group) with those ENI Ids just to be sure it’s linked / used by resources to be deleted?

What is the name of the attribute in the Resource Group Manager I need to use to list those ENI ID ?

Oups sorry: Elastic network interfaces

This was solved by deleting manually all dependency - thank you for the support @bchastanier

sorry for being late on closing this :pray: