Error Deploying KS3 cluster: error creating S3 bucket ACL

  • OS: MacOS
  • databases: none
  • Programming language and version: Python
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Creating my first cluster in Qovery. Cluster creation fails with the following error. Checked AWS permissions, and it has full access to S3 (s3.*):

KS3.create_error() called.

Unknown error while performing Terraform command (terraform apply -no-color -auto-approve tf_plan), here is the error:

Error: error creating S3 bucket ACL for qovery-kubeconfigs-zcef3fa16: AccessControlListNotSupported: The bucket does not allow ACLs
status code: 400, request id: JM3YTHWNH6FRWRK2, host id: HWPHoCAL/uIOZDO6bk7VrBKo1xsxvRuYYnSTpCWqOWYARv2n7jP9VANPpmM3GPBtQ2SaMgvOnsQ=

with aws_s3_bucket_acl.kubeconfigs_bucket_acl,
on line 21, in resource “aws_s3_bucket_acl” “kubeconfigs_bucket_acl”:
21: resource “aws_s3_bucket_acl” “kubeconfigs_bucket_acl” {

Hi @NTS , can you please share your organization console URL?


FYI: We encountered this issue as well in us-east-2 region (only) recently. And it randomly appeared and disappeared. I guess it’s an issue AWS side. We’ll open a ticket to know what happens on their side as soon as you’ll provide the region.