EC2 + 2 postgres

Hi team!

Struggling to get my app with 2 postgres up and running on your EC2 setup (getting better and better but still not there yet). I cannot connect to one of them (z2f3e7169-postgresql) I don’t understand why.
I wanted to check on AWS directly the list of available postgres instances:

While I have created 2 postgres instance through qovery - is it normal that AWS only have one ?

Let me know

Hey @CBaptiste :smiley: ,

I just had a look at your config and I see you have 2 postgres db of type “Container” so you should actually have 0 DB instances on your AWS console (since the “container” postgres run directly on your kube cluster).

maybe that’s an instance you spawn by yourself? (that name starting with “gluetrail” in front doesn’t seem to be created by Qovery)

regarding the connection, are you having problems connecting the db from your app or directly from your PC?

Hello :slight_smile:
Not sure how I can spawn by myself something called “gluetrail-ma-oe3fcil1wbhlqgvi-svc” - it was created Friday

I will delete it then, let’s see

If you’re trying to access a public DB directly from your PC, it’s actually not possible for now on an EC2 cluster. it’s one of the limitation you can find here Clusters | Docs | Qovery

Since the DB is not exposed externally, you need to create a bridge within your cluster (it’s like if it was a private db)

Hey @a_carrano :slight_smile: Thank you for yesterday.

Question for you - I have 2 postgres (container mode) on my EC2 cluster.
Do the database persist? All my tables were empty this morning?
If yes - would it be solved by having them on “managed” mode ?

Let me know!

Hi @CBaptiste ,

yes there’s a storage attached to the container but there is no guarantee that the data will be persisted in the long run (if the storage has an issue and it’s recreated, the data is lost).

This is why for production purposes you should use managed databases