Installing Postgres Plugins

I want to use the pgvector plugin in Postgres. I can see that it is supported on AWS RDS, so it will work if I create the DB using Cloud mode.

However, is there a way this can be enabled in the container mode? What is the recommended way?

Hey @r4881t !

Unfortunately, that’s not something we support out of the box on container DB nor managed DBs.
If you want to do it you can:

  1. Via RDS using a lifecycle job => How To Use Lifecycle Job To Deploy Any Kind Of Resources | Qovery

  2. As for container mode, I think you can use a bitnami image => PostgreSQL HA Containers via a lifecycle job on qovery as well or setup it by hand container per containers Qovery sides

Let me know once you manage to get something running, if you can share your design so we can better understand further needs.