Applications on different AWS clusters using the same PostgreSQL database

Say I have two AWS EKS clusters, one in Europe and another one in North America, with the same app configured on both clusters. How can I configure the apps so they target the same managed PostgreSQL database that is running in the EU EKS ?

@emmanuelcohenlaroque , 2 main solutions:

  1. Preferred option if possible: Using inter-region VPC Peering to connect your US EKS cluster to the Postgres RDS VPC.
  2. Exposing your database publicly and whiteliste your US EKS cluster (must be created with Static IPs - It’s possible with Qovery).

Both are valid options, but I would recommend using the first one which is much more “state of the art” and secure.

Can you tell me which regions exactly your EKS clusters are running?

Side note: EU EKS and EU Postgres RDS (Managed Database) are running on different VPCs but EKS VPC has access to the EU RDS VPC since Qovery manages it for you. I assume that what you want is to give access to your EU RDS instance to your US EKS cluster.

Can both options be implemented using the Qovery console or does it require API/Terraform approach ?

Both can be implemented via the web console.

For VPC Peering take a look at this documentation.

For Static IP take a look at this one.

To find your static IPs take a look at this thread.