Deploy an Elasticsearch DB on AWS with Qovery


Is it possible to add a container or managed Elasticsearch DB?

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Hi @simofacc , absolutely, it’s possible if you want to:

  • Connect Qovery to an AWS OpenSearch instance via AWS VPC Peering.
  • Connect Qovery to an Elastic Cloud instance via AWS VPC Peering.
  • Deploy an Elasticsearch container.

AWS OpenSearch or Elastic Cloud

You can take a look at this thread, which is exactly the same as for MongoDB Atlas.

In a nutshell, you need:

  1. Choose between AWS OpenSearch or Elastic Cloud (It’s up to you).
  2. Create your AWS OpenSearch or Elastic Cloud instance.
  3. Connect Qovery and your AWS OpenSearch or Elastic Cloud instance via VPC Peering.

Check out this thread (with MongoDB Atlas) because it’s very similar.

Elasticsearch DB Container

:warning: Deploying an existing container image with Qovery will be available for Q3 2022. At the time of this response, you will need to follow the instructions below.

To deploy an Elasticsearch DB container you can do the following:

  1. Create a repository elasticsearch on your GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket account.
  2. Put at the root of your project a Dockerfile with the following content
FROM elasticsearch:8.3.2
  1. Commit and push your Dockerfile
  2. Create your elasticsearch repository like a regular Qovery application (check out here).
  3. Set your CPU to 1 and RAM to 2GB at least. (Elasticsearch consumes a good amount of CPU and RAM)
  4. Add local block storage to your instance if you don’t want to lose the data across restarts.
  5. Add local port 9200, uncheck expose publicly and save your changes.

  1. Deploy your elasticsearch application.

I hope it helps :slight_smile: