Delete Error for Managed Database on Qovery Playground

I created a new managed database two days ago, but I’ve been encountering frequent delete errors since its deployment, even when I wasn’t working on anything with it.

Hello @sunray4,

Seems to be a quotas issue on your end, when deleting an managed DB, a snapshot is done, just in case, but it seems you’ve reached your DB snapshot quotas limits:

SnapshotQuotaExceeded: cannot create more than 100 manual snapshots

You can either manually delete snapshots to get free quotas, or ask AWS for a quotas increase and then trigger deletion again.

Let me know if I can help further.


Thank you for your reply! However, I am not sure were I can manually delete snapshots. Additionally, may I ask why this error keeps occurring, because I have never tried to delete the database.

Oups sorry, I missed the fact it was on the playground account, let me loop internally.

Hi @sunray4 ,

Indeed, the Qovery playground account is limited. Please use your cloud (AWS / GCP / Scaleway) account to use Qovery with a free org.

Read more about the Qovery playground: