Cannot fetch chart dependencies


We’ve tried installing this helm chart but we get this error:

Error: no repository definition for,,,,,,, Please add the missing repos via 'helm repo add'
Error while creating template: "grafana-k8s-monitoring": "Cannot fetch chart dependencies: CmdError(\"helm-zf3193325-grafana-ks-monitoring\", DEPENDENCY, CommandError { full_details: None, message_safe: \"Command terminated with a non success exit status code: exit status: 1\" })"

We tried adding the listed Helm repos to Qovery but it didn’t fix the problem. Is helm dependencies supported? Is there something we need to configure differently?

Hello @prki
I’m taking a look at the issue.

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We are working on a fix. I will let you know once it has been deployed.

Hello @prki
A fix has been deployed.
Let me know if you encounter any issues.
Thank you

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Thanks @Pierre_Gerbelot, the installation moved forward but we encountered another issue:

💀 Failed to get an answer from the engine in 10 min, aborting deployment. Please retry later !

We increased helm timeout to 20min but it’s still failing with the same message. Could you take a look at this helm deployment?

Hi @prki ,

were you able to solve the issue?

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