Cannot create new production cluster


I am trying to create a new production cluster. Apparently I have to request something to AWS? Is it normal ?

I went on AWS, the request page for “VPC” - but there is this:

Do you know which one and to which value I should increase it ?

I am a bit lost here :\

Thank you!

Hey @CBaptiste !

Seems you run into a VPC quotas. I am not sure you’ve seen it but you have an helper on the right side of your screenshot with a link to ask aws team to increase those quotas (unfortunately there is no way for us to automatically ask for it on your behalf nor via API AFAIK.

So basically ask AWS to increase your VPC quotas by filling the form.

Let me know if it helps.


Hello @bchastanier, thank you!

Yes I did see the indication, and I went on AWS to request quota - my second screenshot show all the option about VPC quota that AWS shows me - which one is it ? I search online and apparently it’s “VPC per regions” quota that is failing here ?

Hey @CBaptiste !

Yes sorry, should be this one !

Let me know if it’s all good.