Cannot Create Helm Chart for Redis


Context: We’re trying to deploy a Redis instance that has authentication disabled. The Managed Container Redis provided by Qovery does not allow this configuration so we’re trying to deploy Redis via Helm Chart

Relevant information to this issue:

Cannot Create Helm Chart for Redis

Appreciate any help on this. Thanks!


I am taking a look at it

We found the issue, we are going to release a fix in the morning.
I keep you in touch when it is released

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The fix is released.
It should be working now :slight_smile:

Let me know if it is not the case

This worked. I can now deploy Redis via helm chart but what endpoint can I use to access the Redis service. I looked into Port configuration but only HTTP and gRPC are supported (not TCP)

Is there a way to access a Helm Service internally like an Internal Hostname? I checked the Qovery Built-in Env Vars but Helm Service does not provide this kind of variable unlike in Application Type services.

This has been answered on another thread, copying it here:

Actually, you can override the service name using the helm chart value fullnameOverride and use an environment variable REDIS_NAME to store the value you want to give to your Redis service. Here an example of how the helm override should look like

fullnameOverride: qovery.env.REDIS_NAME

If you give the value “my-redis” to the env var REDIS_NAME, you will have the services:

  • my-redis-master
  • my-redis-replicas

Now that you have a fixed value for your service name, you can use this env variable to build your internal host of your redis instances.

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