AWS Free Tier Instances (t2.micro/t3.micro/etc. missing from instances dropdown list)


I am trying to connect my AWS Free Tier account to Qovery for a project with testing purposes, which will fall under the limits of the AWS Free Tier account.

Unfortunately, I do not see an AWS instance, which will remain with no charge from the cloud provider.

Is there a different way or Qovery does not support these types of instances?

Hi @Simeon_Mihaylov ,

To keep your costs low and still be inside the AWS free tier, why don’t you use our self-managed offer to install Qovery on an EC2 instance in a demo mode?

Out of curiosity, why use AWS instead of another cloud provider that could be cheaper in that case?

Thanks for the fast reply!

I will try the self-managed option.

On your question - force of habit :smiley: I am used to using AWS as a cloud provider.

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Here is the documentation Local | Docs | Qovery

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