Upgrade EKS qovery install from HELM to cli


I deployed Qovery using the helm chart v 0.1.0 to our BYOK but understand the new desired way of deploying it is via the qovery-cli. Can you advise on the steps to migrate to it?


Not sure about an upgrade path but I just finished installing a new test BYOK cluster on EKS. I ran the cli command and it just creates the new qovery values file and then outputs the helm install commands. It did not do the install itself, I had to run the helm commands manually.

I run

qovery cluster install

and nothing happens :frowning: just new line in terminal, i was connected to the k8s cluster that runs qovery

% qovery cluster install

qovery-cli is configured and can see the current cluster

% qovery cluster list
Id                                   | Name | Type    | Status   | Last Update
503a1021-f955-4630-b19d-28aa61c7f666 | idp  | cluster | DEPLOYED | 2024-02-07 15:30:53.463521 +0000 UTC

Hi @Stephen_Bennett ,

The qovery cluster install command generates a bunch of Helm Chart commands to use with the right Helm values file. Did you run them?


when i run qovery cluster install nothing happens, the terminal just goes to the next line straight away and no other output.

but i can run qovery cluster list etc and get the correct output.

After updating the qovery-cli i started to outputs.

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