Tags not found on Scaleway registry


I’m using a Scaleway registry to deploy applications.


I get “tag not found” error on my images under Scaleway registry. The tag exists, I can pull it locally, and it is pushed from our CI/CD.

After a certain amount of tags on an image, it looks like Qovery can’t retrieve them.
I’m not on your side, but it could originate from Qovery not using pagination from Scaleway Container Registry API: API - Regitrsy, list tags

As today, response will be:

  "tags": [
      "id": "string",
      "name": "string",
      "image_id": "string",
      "status": "string",
      "digest": "string",
      "created_at": "string",
      "updated_at": "string"
  "total_count": "integer"

where total_number is the number of tags. But page_size is by default set to 20:

Query parameters
page_size integer

A positive integer lower or equal to 100 to select the number of items to display.

Default value: 20

It is blocking for our usage: deploying service whenever a new tag is created.


Push many tags on image using Scaleway registry. After a certain amount, try to update a Qovery application using the latest tag pushed.

Hey @Sryther,

Interestingly, we patched our control plane yesterday in order to support that because we had the issue on our end. It’s event weirder than that because SCW API is not very explicit, we used not to make an extra call for tags, we were describing images and got tags list coming with it, but it seems they somehow don’t return all tags when describing images so we switched to the paginated list tags.

Are you still seeing the error? If so, can you please share your container console URL along with a tag which should exist but we cannot retrieve so I can have a look?

By default we use 20 items per page. I am wondering if we somehow reach an API throttling. Do you know how many tags you have for this image?

Thanks !

To be honest, I had the issue yesterday. I found a temporary workaround by clearing the image itself, to reduce the number of tags. It’s okay because I’m currently in a development phase but won’t work on production.
I had around thirty tags. Since I cleared it I can’t tell exactly.

I’ll get back to you if the issue occurs again.

Please let me know, I will improve a bit otherwise.


I didn’t experience the issue from the past few days.


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