Switching from Git repository deploy to Container registry deploy

Hello, is there a way to switch an existing Git repo deployed application to Container registry deploy?


Hi @bduron ,

Unfortunately, there is no way today to switch an “application” into a “container” - I know it’s not super convenient regarding user experience, and I apologize. However, if you are not in a hurry, I can provide a CLI command to help you convert your app into a container for the end of the week.

Otherwise, you’ll have to create a container app and migrate the environment variables and other parameters manually (which should not be too long as well).


Hey @rophilogene , thanks for reaching out,

I would be happy to have your CLI command, end of week is great!

Thank you!


Hey @rophilogene , I’m still interested by your CLI command if you manage to find time to write it :wink:


Hi @bduron , I didn’t forget you - I expect to provide you with something for the end of the week (weekend). I’ll keep you posted.

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Hi @bduron, this task will take more time than expected. What I suggest in the meantime is doing it manually. Basically, you need to:

  1. Create a second application with “container registry” as the source
  2. Configure it with the same parameter as your original application
  3. Start your new application
  4. Delete the old application

I will keep this thread open until we provide a way inside the product to easily convert an app from Git into an app from a Container Registry.

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Any update on this topic? I would like to migrate all of our environments.

Hi @colin ,

Let me loop with @Julien_Dan and @a_carrano to see what we can propose to help you on this. I know that you have a bunch of apps and without an easy way to switch from git to container registry it will be tedious.