Some questions about how to use parallels deployments


I was looking forward to this feature and it’s now available but I still have questions about how to use it with a CI/CD.

For now I used my CD with Qovery CLI to build and deploy my container applications sequentially. It works fine but take some time due to the fact that the parallel deployment was not available.

I saw that we can group our application with the new pipeline features so I wondering I can build all my container on my CD and start a parallel deployment but I don’t know how to do it with Qovery CLI. It’s is possible to run qovery container deploy asynchronously ?

If not I think the way to deploy using pipeline and parallel deployment is to deploy an environment but the main problem of that, for me, is with managed database. By default Qovery provide small instance type for example for RDS that is not enough for my need so I change the instance type on AWS because it’s not possible to do it from Qovery console (maybe I missed something) ? And when I deploy an environnement Qovery detect that there is a mismatch between qovery database properties data and the real instance type on AWS.

Have you any feedback of how I can manage it ?


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Hi @Orkin ,

Can you tell me if the apps you want to deploy in parallel are from the same git repository?

FYI: Qovery CLI has a command qovery container deploy --containers "your app name 1,your app name 2" that you can run to deploy multiple applications simultaneously.

Hi @rophilogene,

Yes it’s from same git repository but different container build step (CLI and web), I will try with this command. I think it’s feet my needs :hugs:.

Wonderful @rophilogene !! Just some precision it’s --containers for containers and not --applications

Yes, sorry, it’s edited. :blush:

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