Static IPs cost

Hi, I have a few questions:

  • Why is Static IP so expensive? Elastic IP on AWS costs us 3.6$ per month per IP. But during set up, there was a message saying it would cost us $90 per month.

  • Is static IP unique to each instance or assigned to the cluster?

Hi, I’ll let my team responsible for AWS integration to respond to your first question. For the second:

I can confirm that it’s the case. We provision multiple Static IPs (3 from what I remember) for your cluster. Maybe @Pierre_Mavro can provide more details about the setup.

So if 3 IP’s are allocated to the entire cluster, cost per month should be Max $10. Why do you say it would cost us $90.

From this link EC2 On-Demand Instance Pricing – Amazon Web Services

  • $0.005 per additional IP address associated with a running instance per hour on a pro rata basis

Translates to $3.6 per IP.

Hello @amitpareek ,

Regarding your first question:

Why is Static IP so expensive

The cost is also impacted by the NAT gateway created, which is used to redirect traffic from the EKS nodegroup instances to one of the static IP addresses

So a Nat Gateway costs 0.045$ per hour. Translates again to around 33$. So are we saying there are 3 gateways?


Yes, there are 3 gateways. 1 per zones. Qovery uses 3 zones for high availability as AWS best practices recommend.