Rule based PR preview env deployment

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How can I set rules on PR deployments?


“Do not deploy drafts”

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You’d just put drafts in a separate branch. Right?

Hi @Andreas_Asprou, did you check this documentation > Deployment Rule | Docs | Qovery ?

I’m not sure what you mean.

To be clearer, I don’t want to deploy PRs that are in Github’s draft state. But when they move into “ready for review”, I’d like to deploy it

This would work for PR names, I guess we can have a naming convention for deploying PRs.

If I change the name of a pr, does Qovery trigger?


“Only deploy PRs that contain [PREV]”

  1. Open PR named “Test”
  2. Qovery doesn’t deploy
  3. Rename PR to “Test [PREV]”
  4. Qovery deploys?

I’ve created my own flow for this with the Qovery & Git APIs, so this can be closed for my use case

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