Qovery CLI unable to use container command

I am trying to use Qovery CLI along with Github Actions to trigger deployments for an app from container registry.

The recommended way as mentioned in this article is through CLI, so I installed the CLI as mentioned here, and after installing when I try to run the qovery container, It says that this is not available.

However, when I am trying this on the github actions, I get a diff error that org ID is not available, however I am confident that I have copy pasted the correct one

My copied identifiers are

Cluster ID: 43865c3f-3f5d-4715-bd1c-7e49dc60dccf
Organization ID: 0f2a7baf-84e9-4b4e-a219-72fb44811f99
Project ID: 1e2ddd37-24f7-4e38-aaf1-250a5987410a
Environment ID: 420391c6-e0f1-49cd-a308-fb419537bc5b

Bumping this up. Should we be using the API instead of CLI ?

Hello @0xbitmonk
What version of the Qovery CLI are you using?
According to your screenshot, it appears to be 0.43.3. Please consider upgrading to a newer version. (the latest one is 0.74)

That’s correct. On my mac, i was on earlier version. So I upgraded it to latest, and now I can replicate the issue I face on github action i.e. org not found

Ok, I’m investigating the issue

Actually you need to provide the organization name (same for project and environment)

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I see. That makes sense. Let me try with name and let you know.

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