Unable to connect to container with CLI

Hello, I have problem to connect to one of my container with Qovery CLI, I receive this message : data failed to match schemas in oneOf(JobResponse)

Cluster ID: 322ac05d-4b2d-4a45-8a68-8b71eca10007
Organization ID: a2ed680d-ffdf-44a2-905f-24fc2a58a97d
Project ID: 2bd11cdb-6c9d-46a4-9a69-23649b3f2db7
Environment ID: a62a7419-77c5-49fd-a7ec-7d3580a64585

Can you have a look ?


Hello @Orkin

Could you please upgrade your Qovery CLI to the latest version and let me know if you still have the issue?


:partying_face: so simple :sweat_smile: ! Thanks @Pierre_Gerbelot

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