Not able to update cluster

i cant able to update my cluster after installing it.its showing some error.
logs file cant able to upload .json file here but here’s screenshot

Transmitter: asw - Unknown error while performing terraform apply -no-color -auto-approve tf_plan.
Terraform command (terraform apply -no-color -auto-approve tf_plan) failed, here is the error:

Error: Saved plan is stale

The given plan file can no longer be applied because the state was changed by
another operation after the plan was created.

Hello @Rajbhaiya,

Thanks for reaching out.

We had indeed a bug on our end, preventing terraform to be in a good state in some use cases.
The issue has been addressed and a patch has been released on our end.

I triggered an update on your cluster, these error is gone, but you are hitting a vCPU AWS quotas on your side: VcpuLimitExceeded - You have requested more vCPU capacity than your current vCPU limit of 32 allows for the instance bucket that the specified instance type belongs to.

You can reach out AWS via to request an adjustment to this limit.