Importing a cluster crashes the Terraform provider

Good morning!

We are in the process of terraforming our Qovery infrastructure. Hence, we are importing all our existing resources into our Terraform state, including our cluster:

terraform import e9f313b8-1d4a-491a-87d3-5c8f3b666aa4,efb1a047-773f-428d-8d79-a4295d64617d

However, this command crashes with the following error:

│ Error: Plugin did not respond
│ The plugin encountered an error, and failed to respond to the plugin6.(*GRPCProvider).ReadResource call. The plugin logs may contain more details.

Stack trace from the terraform-provider-qovery_v0.28.4 plugin:

panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference
[signal SIGSEGV: segmentation violation code=0x1 addr=0x0 pc=0xdf9c05]

goroutine 51 [running]:{0xc0008aa240?, 0x3, 0x7f2538ec2b98?}) +0xf45{_, _}, _, {{0x2, {0xc0004b80c0, 0x24}}, {0x2, {0xc0004b80f0, 0x24}}, {0x0, ...}, ...}) +0x29f{0x0?}, {0x126fc80, 0xc00089c5d0}, {{{{0x1274bb8, 0xc0008a6ab0}, {0xf67820, 0xc0008a6720}}, {0x1277c00, 0xc000522e60}}, 0xc0004c26b0, ...}, ...) +0x2ab*Server).ReadResource(0xc0004da2c0, {0x126fc80, 0xc00089c5d0}, 0xc00089c660, 0xc00033d610) +0x617*Server).ReadResource(0xc0004da2c0, {0x126fc80?, 0xc00089c480?}, 0xc00040eec0) +0x27b*server).ReadResource(0xc0004bfb80, {0x126fc80?, 0xc0005b7ad0?}, 0xc00029e3c0) +0x4b1{0x107e8a0?, 0xc0004bfb80}, {0x126fc80, 0xc0005b7ad0}, 0xc0004e2ee0, 0x0) +0x170*Server).processUnaryRPC(0xc00020c000, {0x1275d38, 0xc000502b60}, 0xc000892b40, 0xc000452960, 0x19a2ba8, 0x0) +0xe23*Server).handleStream(0xc00020c000, {0x1275d38, 0xc000502b60}, 0xc000892b40, 0x0) +0xa2f*Server).serveStreams.func1.1() +0x98
created by*Server).serveStreams.func1 +0x18c

Error: The terraform-provider-qovery_v0.28.4 plugin crashed!

This is always indicative of a bug within the plugin. It would be immensely
helpful if you could report the crash with the plugin's maintainers so that it
can be fixed. The output above should help diagnose the issue.

Let me know if you need more information.

Would you mind upgrading the version of your terraform provider. It should be already fixed in the latest version

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