No access to /mnt from nodejs

Issues information
I was trying to use Block storage
but i cant get access to /mnt
this is what i put from the controls
Please help me fix this.
and this is the code to where the error is being thrown

Could you please use the Q&A rules ? I can’t help much like this.

It is working for me. In the Qovery app setting, I configured /mnt/persist as the mount point. In my app, I created a directory “/mnt/persist/appdata” using fs.ensureDirSync(appStoragePath); API with appStoragePath set to “/mnt/persist/appdata”.

Can you please confirm your problem is resolved? Or is “It is working for me” meaning your config is ok on your side?

Apologies for the confusion @Pierre_Mavro . I was replying to @Hoodgail that the storage access works for me.

Thanks for clarification